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Bubble Fun

Who doesn't love bubbles?
Invite a Bubble Artist to your next party, corporate function, or other special event! 
Perfect for grand openings, company picnics, holiday parties, fairs, festivals, and similar functions, Bubble Artists are a unique, visually exciting entertainment option. 
Our pricing includes travel up to 20 miles (40 miles round trip)
from where our entertainer(s) are commuting.


A small travel fee will apply if the event location is beyond our "local" travel radius or if our entertainers must pass through tolls in order to get to/from your event location. 


We use GoogleMaps to check the mileage as well as to see if there are any tolls. 



~ Entertainer can walk around the event space to do 'mini shows' or they can be in a stationary location

~ Performer can pose for pictures with the event attendees

~ Simple Bubble Tricks can be taught to event attendees

~ Multiple Bubble Stations can be brought along, for more active hands-on participation

~ Ask us about our "PERSON IN A BUBBLE" option, where our performer will literally put a bubble around a guest of honor or the event attendees

~ If time/space allows, entertainer may be able to provide other types of entertainment as well -- such as large/small group games

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Contact PrettyPrincessJersey​ for a free quote

and to discuss your upcoming event... 



We can often customize an appearance

to fit your needs while still being mindful

of your event-related budget!


Active civic engagement and philanthropic giving are important to us.
We would be happy to discuss potential sponsorship-related ideas, so as to help make an appearance by PrettyPrincessJersey entertainers an even more cost-effective option.

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