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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Should you have additional questions or need more information to evaluate if we are a good fit for your upcoming event, kindly email us, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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How Far In Advance Do I Need To Contract Your Services?


The earlier in your party planning timeline you reach-out to us, the more flexibility our performers will have in their schedules to be able to meet your needs. It is highly recommended you formally contract our services before sending out invitations, in order to avoid disappointment and to ensure that our performers are in-fact available on the date(s) you have in mind.


We suggest reaching-out to us via email as soon as you have a potential event date in mind. 


While it is sometimes possible for our staff to accommodate a last minute request, we advise booking our services at least 3 months in advance, especially if a certain character or a specific date and time is being requested.


NOTE: An appearance is not considered "booked" until the client has been sent a Contract of Services to review; paying the non-refundable booking fee is the easiest/fastest method to confirm the booking. Simply inquiring about a certain date, time, and entertainment service does not hold the date. PLEASE NOTE: We will need time to check our performers' schedules, to ensure that we have availability for the character(s) and/or service(s) for which you've inquired, before we can send you the Contract... Paying the non-refundable retainer formally secures the date, time, and character(s) of your choice.

How Much Do You Charge?


In an effort to satisfy varying client wants/needs, as well as to be mindful of various event-related budgets, PrettyPrincessJersey offers several different appearance and party packages.


Out-of-costume/out-of-character appearances have a slightly lower starting rate than those performed while wearing a costume and portraying a character.


Please review our Packages & Pricing page for a complete description of what is included in our most popular appearance packages. 

If you are looking for more, or less, to be part of your appearance or if you have a set event budget with which to work, please email us to discuss your event, as further customization may be available.

How Far Will You Travel? Is There Any Extra Fee?


PrettyPrincessJersey provides high-quality family-friendly entertainment throughout the Greater-Philadelphia area. This includes such counties as Bucks, MontCo, DelCo, and Lehigh Valley, PA. In addition, we provide entertainment services to neighboring states, including New Jersey and Delaware.


20 miles (40 miles round trip) from where our performers are traveling (IE - Philadelphia, PA) is included in our base rates, as this is considered to be our "local travel radius."


A small mileage fee will apply for appearances that take place outside of our local travel radius.


In addition, the event host will be responsible for any tolls that our entertainers must pay in order to get to/from the event location. We use GoogleMaps to determine the total round trip mileage as well as to see if there will be any tolls.


We believe in full disclosure and honest pricing. If there is going to be a travel fee involved, we will disclose the exact rate as soon as we are given the city, state, and zip code associated with your upcoming event. We will also list the travel fee, if there is one, in your Contract of Services, so that you have a complete breakdown of the charges associated with your appearance. 

Do I Need To Have Anything Set-Up In Advance Of Your Arrival To My Party/Event?


Our entertainers have performed in homes and apartments, restaurants, halls, community rooms, rec centers, country clubs, in-door play facilities, parks and playgrounds. They will bring along all of the supplies that are necessary to complete the activities that are part of your contracted party package. They will take care of the set-up as well as the clean-up.


The main thing that is needed is a space that is large enough for the entertainer to move around comfortably with the children and guests who will be in attendance at your event. It is helpful to have a space large enough for the entertainer to sit with the children in a circle for the story telling portion of the program. That same space can usually be used for the dancing and games.


Aside from the space, access to an outlet may be needed for the performer(s) to plug in a stereo system, so that there can be background music during the duration of their appearance. We are increasingly moving towards using Bluetooth speakers, however they are only loud enough to be used in certain-sized areas; if using a large or loud venue, client may wish to use their own speaker/sound system. 


For party appearances that are over 1-hour long, you may wish to have the arts-and-crafts project take place at a table. Alternatively, the entertainer(s) may sit with the children on the floor to complete this activity.


For party appearances that are over 1-hour and 30-minutes long, 1 table and 2 chairs will be needed during the "choice" activity (IE - face painting, mini-makeovers, mini-manicures, temporary tattoos, glitter tattoos, or simple balloon twists).

Do You Offer Characters/Entertainment For Boys?


All of our activities are geared for both male and female children... All children will actively be included in our interactive story time, non-competitive games, and choice activities. Our arts-and-crafts projects are appropriate for both genders and we offer face painting and balloon twisting designs that are appropriate for both genders.


If you choose either mini-manicures or mini-makeovers for your event, and there will be boys present, we can always supplement that particular activity with temporary tattoos; that way, both the girls and the boys at your party can remain actively engaged in all of the fun that is going on. If you opt for an appearance that includes dress-up clothes, we can bring both male and female costumes along for the children to wear.


In addition to the entertainment itself, we also offer male characters. For example, we offer Pirates, Princes, and several different Super Heroes; several of our mascot-style costumes appeal to both genders as well. 


What's more, our male characters can be added-on to appearances with our female characters, if you'd like for there to be one entertainer of each gender present at your event. (We have found this to be a very popular option for those who are planning sibling birthday parties!)

I'm Ready to Book... Now What?


In order for us to prepare a Contract of Services, we will need to know [A] the date of the appearance, [B] the start time of the appearance, [C] which character(s) you are requesting, [D] which party package you are requesting or how long of an appearance you seek, [E] the full street address associated with the appearance, [F] your child's name and age that is being celebrated, and [G] the best day-of contact person's name and phone number.


We will only send you a Contract of Services to review if we have performers available on the date, and at the time, that you are requesting their presence.


Once you review the Contract and provide us with your approval of the terms and conditions found within, we will send you Payment-Related Details in order to secure the non-refundable booking fee.


Paying the non-refundable retainer is what formally secures the date, time, and character(s) of your choice.


I've Paid the Retainer... When is my next payment due?


You may the remaining balance off in advance, in-part or in-full, so that less is due the day-of the appearance.

If not paid in-full, in-advance, the remaining balance will be due BEFORE THE PERFORMER(S) DEPART FROM THE APPEARANCE. If performer(s) stay later than the Contracted end-time, overtime charges may apply; we ask that you please have the remaining balance prepped in an envelope (to help preserve the magic) or that you are ready to submit it electronically, so that the performer(s) can depart promptly, to get to their next commitment in a timely manner.


Gratuity is not already included in our base rates; tipping is at your discretion, but highly recommended, so as to provide the entertainer(s) with immediate feedback, if they met the expectations outlined with the Contract.

We understand that some of our corporate-level and/or business partners may need to pay at an adjusted timeline; we will make exceptions to our policies on a case-by-case basis, but you must let us know in advance about your payment schedule, so that we are on the same page about the expectations/timeline.



"Unacceptable Behavior" and Legal Notice -


While we wish this didn't need to be stated: If you have agreed to the Contract, and you have been provided with a service by our entertainment company, than you are responsible for paying the balance due -- as agreed upon, in advance.


We are a professional, family-friendly, entertainment services provider. We treat our clients and our team of performers with respect; in return, we expect fair treatment from you, as our client.

We take non-payment (aka - theft of services) very seriously.


We reserve the right to collect any/all balances due -- including overtime fees, if you hold the performer(s) beyond the Contracted appearance end-time -- in whatever manner we see fit. If we must pursue legal action to collect the balance due, the client will be responsible for any/all fees (EX - legal aid, court fees, admin fees, etc.) related to said collection.

It is mutually understood that Zazu, Inc (and, by extension our team of independently contracted performers and members of our Admin team) are not responsible for any (legal, court, etc.) fees, should we need to pursue collection.

In addition, should we need to pursue meeting in court, you will be expected to travel to the city/state where the paperwork has been filed. We are not liable for any fees associated with legal proceedings (EX - transportation fees, lost wages, etc.)

If performer(s) experience a harsh working environment (EX - children who are pushing/kicking/hitting; inappropriate comments and threats - implied or otherwise; illicit drug use; fighting amongst adults; being asked to perform in extreme temperatures or in conditions without proper covering overhead and/or steady grounding underneath) and the client does not take immediate steps to correct this, performer(s) have the right to leave -- with full payment due for the their time/talent.


Paying the non-refundable retainer to secure our entertainment services indicates that you agree to the terms outlined within our Contract as well as the information outlined on our website; we treat our Contracts as binding agreements and will due our best to uphold our end of the pledge to provide the services described within the Party Package for which you select.

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