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Available alone or alongside of other characters, The Snow Queen would love to be part of your next event
Your child will feel like the Belle of the Ball when you invite our Enchanted Rose Princess to your birthday or other celebration
Available in many styles (including a swimmable mermaid tail, walking tail, pink long sleeve dress, pink short sleeve dress, teal blue dress, and her town dress) The Mermaid Princess loves attending events and parties
PrettyPrincessJersey's Spider Hero is sure to amaze. Invite this comic-style character to your next super-hero themed party or event!
Based on the classic tale of "The Frog Prince," PrettyPrincessJersey's Frog Princess loves to sing and dance!
Invite PrettyPrincessJersey's Wonder Hero to your next event. Available alone or alongside of her other Super Friends, she would love to join your next celebration!

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"Tangled" fans love PrettyPrincessJersey's Long Hair Princess. Invite our entertainers to be a part of your next Rapunzel-themed event!
Planning a pool party? Invite PrettyPrincessJersey's Mermaid Princess. We offer a 'swimming tail' version of this character!
PrettyPrincessJersey's Snow Queen and Winter Sister would love to attend your next event. Invite more than one character for double the fun!
"Frozen" fans love PrettyPrincessJersey's Winter Sister. She is available alone or alongside of our Snow Queen!
PrettyPrincessJersey's Apple Princess is the perfect compliment to any Snow White themed event. Invite her to your next birthday party or other celebration!
PrettyPrincessJersey's Tinker Fairy is perfect for fairy parties and events. Add her to your next Tinkerbelle or Peter Pan themed celebration.
Fans of Cinderella love PrettyPrincessJersey's Glass Slipper Princess. Invite a character to your party!
Those who like Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, Briar Rose, love PrettyPrincessJersey's Sleeping Princess character. Invite an entertainer from PrettyPrincessJersey to your next event!
Fans of Super Man, also known as the Man of Steel, love PrettyPrincessJersey's Super Guy. To book an appearance, please email us at
Fans of Sofia The First love PrettyPrincessJersey's First Princess character. To schedule an appearance, email us at
Batman and Super Girl fans love PrettyPrincessJersey's super hero-themed characters
Fans of Jasmine and Aladdin, love PrettyPrincessJersey's Arabian Princess
Ghostbusters themed parties are so much fun!
Neverland Pirate Parties are a blast!
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